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1. Rule of thumb: Don't delete a signature!

If you delete a signature, you'll delete all associated data. Hits, clicks and awards that signature may have been granted. More, if you've posted it somewhere it will render an image stating that the signature was deleted by the owner. If you want to change the characters or the sig appearance, edit it and change whatever you want or create a new one.

The best way to understand this is thinking on a signature not by its contents but as the container. 'This is the sig I use for this and that, here and there...' and not 'this is the signature of my team of priests or my pvp arena team'.

Teams change, signature persists and always show what you want at any time. So, use delete only for obsolete/unused signatures.

2. Each signature has a unique code

You should copy that code and paste it into your signature space on sites, foruns and blogs you usually follow.

There are two types of sig urls: linked and unlinked. Some forums don't allow links on signature space. On this case you have to use the unlinked version.

If someone clicks a toon on a linked signature it will be redirected to that toon's Battle.Net profile. If someone clicks somewhere outside toons area will be redirected to

The unlinked image, obviously don't have links so it remains quiet and undisturbed by any clicks spank.

Both linked and unlinked signatures are dynamic. They update stats automatically.

The Machine

I will not go deep on how to use SIGGEN. I prefer to let you go in and explore it. That's the spirit of the thing itself and you'll find its use intuitive and fun, I guess.

SIGGEN is composed of 4 areas:

Sigs management: This is what you see when you enter. You see your signatures and what you can do with them: Create, Edit and Delete. You have also a button rack to display the urls (the code you'll paste into the sites, forums, blogs) of the different versions of the signature: linked and unlinked, using HTML or BBC formats.

Siggen: When you choose Create or Edit, you enter Siggen where you build up your signature. You just have to input a name to your team and names, realm and zone of the characters. Then you choose the signature skin and other visual options.

Skin Factory: Yes, you can costumize your signatures by creating SIGGEN skins. Skin Factory is accessed through Siggen Area and it has the neccessary instructions to make you succeed on the task. In Skin Factory you can find a button to download SIGGEN Skin Tutorial Pack which contains all you need to create your own backgrounds and emblems.

Userpanel: This area, for now, is where you can check your sigs stats, charts with the top signatures and users, where you can change your password and a mailer where you can send me a note.

A singular tool included in SIGGEN is the Photomatik. With Photomatik you can take your photo and include it in the emblem zone of the signature, inside a cool ringed frame. Photomatik appears when you choose a special type of emblem called 'YourPhoto' or when you click your portrait in the UserPanel area. You need to have an active camera to use Photomatik.

There's some functionalities under implementation or beeing tested that are visible but not yet ready. Avatar sigs are an example. I'm developing different types of signatures. Avatar was left behind so it remains there but waiting for better days :P


Awards are special mentions you may receive when some fact occurs or for completing special achievements like making a good multibox movie, submitting a skin to SIGGEN, to give support to newbies in the forums, also if your signature won 'The Signature of the Week', or is one of the most clicked, etc.

SIGGEN was made to be a tool of a community site. So, awards implementation, at the momment, don't bring much beside adding a good ammount of userpoints to make you level up faster. I decide to keep the awards system on because it's fun and somehow challenging.