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Hey Unknown

___ sponsorship ______________________________________________

First of all, SIGGEN is not a commercial project and it's free!

It's independent of any entity or community and runs only with my own funds. I gratefuly accept Donations to help me to pay the bills related to this project. That's why I have that tiny button there on the left.

As a matter of fact, the tiny button, as you may guess, is not much clicked but I'll keep the faith and it will remain there because I hope that the ones using SIGGEN may be embuid with the spirit of generosity and support the project, showing their love and making me happy. Sometimes it's difficult to keep things going, especially when the invoices with servers and domains costs hit my mailbox...

Beside the tiny button, the idea is to create a partenership with some entity and make SIGGEN sponsored.

What do I have to offer?

1. A logo or a banner somewhere on this pages.
2. Every signature will carry 'Powered by Sponsor'. (Now it shows 'Powered by')
3. Optionally, I can put The SIGGEN Machine in the Sponsor's site without any type of migration or manage responsability.

Not bad, huh?

If you are interested on such thing or if you have some other idea to discuss, jump in, go to UserPanel and send me a note.

Thank you very much!