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___ disclaimer ________________________________________________

1. All graphics used by SIGGEN were composed using BLIZZARD images and textures. I don't own any intelectual property right over this material. It belongs to BLIZZARD.

2. You use SIGGEN at your own risk. I don't take any responsibility if your signature don't show or if it's unaccurate. Data is fetched from BLIZZARD servers 4 times a day and some error may occur. Shit happens!

3. I'll keep SIGGEN on until I feel it should be down.

4. I may delete completely unused signatures if they were not refreshed a single time on a year period.

5. I made this because I like to code gamming stuff as an hobby so, sometimes I have some spare time to work on this project, sometimes I don't. So don't expect prompt assistance to some issue you may have.

6. Resumming: If anything bad happens, it's not my fault!