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___ about siggen ______________________________________________

Welcome to TRoN's SIGGEN Machine, the coolest and most bizarre WoW signature generator on the web. It was created mainly for generating multiboxing signatures (sets of up to 5 characters of same realm and faction) but it can be used to draw any combination of toons of the same realm even if they are from different faction.

SIGGEN signatures are dinamic and keeps updated so you don't need to remake them any time you level up or your toons stats are changed. The signatures lives in our server so there's no need to upload the images somewhere before publish them in some forum or site. You just paste the sig link and that's it!

You need to be registered to use SIGGEN but I don't want to know anything about you. All I need is a valid email to send you the password credentials and eventually to warn you about some issue related to your own signatures. Nothing more.

What makes SIGGEN so different from other similar tools are its aspect and the way it was designed as a game like sysytem with user ranks, signature points and awards that reflects your participation in the forums, number of hits and clicks your signatures gets, if you submitted any signature skin, and so on.

Bacause we take care of your signatures and yours characters data we need to keep our server clean of garbage and useless sigs created just for experimental purposes. That's why you just be able to create a number of signatures equal to your Rank. When you register your Rank is 2.

SIGGGEN is not a commercial project and will continue evolving to a more complete state with more nice features and different signature formats if I get the motivation and while I have money to keep servers up.

Now, jump to the machine and build your awesome images. Hope you enjoy it :)

Please report some bug you may find using the 'contact us' page in the UserPanel. Also, if you have some suggestion to improve or include in the machine, please let us know.

The SIGGEN Machine was created and coded by TRoNdaNeflin. Version 0.89_alpha.